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Rules for the web

Post by kilerandkiller on Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:38 pm

1.Do not spam is chatbox not in private messages either or anywhere else no spam. posting sexual pictures in gallery or sexual videos

3.No harrasing users if someone harrases you just private message me emobot or the finalkill and scrinie it if you dont know how read this thing
4.NO AND NO asking how to be a mod we gave you instructions how to power or apply for it asking for passwords (other users)

6.Dont flame at anyone if they flame at you just report them to the admins (like me) asking to be moderated in chatbox
8.No SAYING like i know where you live and ill hunt you down it may make the users scared and make this web get in big trouble
9.and i mean no hacking around here making another account if your banned it wont work we can see your ip and see if it matches

Ban time list:
flaming:1 day ban:in chatbox a kick
hacking:forever ban so in chatbox too
asking to be modrated in chatbox and in the web:3 day ban
spamming::kick in chatbox and 1 day ban in web
asking for password:10 day ban
making another account if your already banned:30 day ban
sexual pictures:blocked from everything no posting or anything for 20 days but you can still see stuff

harrasing usrs:99 day ban if you do it 2 times 10 dday ban if you do it once
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